WING CHUN KUNG FU - Instructors Sifu Kingsley and Errol Gayle

MUAY THAI BOXING AND CROSSFIT - Instructor and Personal Trainer Kingsley Gayle Jr.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu was originally developed in China many years ago by a nun named Ng Mui. Wing Chun teaches more than just an effective fighting method, it teaches you to become a better person through physical, mental and spiritual awareness. With regular training you gain confidence in your ability to protect yourself from physical attack, when fear is removed uncertainty is dispelled making it no longer necessary to prove yourself in physical combat. "Thus by learning how to fight, your learn how to not fight"  (William Cheung 1990)    

Sifu Kingsley and Errol have been practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu for over seventy years between them
Sifu Kingsley has trained in the UK and in China under 24th generation Master Guo

            Monday 19:30 - 21:00 all levels
held at:- Flaxman Sports Centre,
              Carew Street, Camberwell,
              London SE5 9DF.
Private lessons available on request

Please contact Kingsley (07912878123) or Errol ( 07950373732) 

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Muay Thai Boxing

Please contact Kingsley Jr. (07415223469)

Private lessons and personal training sessions available on request.