​Regulation 44 Inspections

Under Regulation 44 of the Children’s Homes Regulations 2001, all children’s homes must receive monthly monitoring visits.

The visits may be unannounced and could be carried out by an independent visitor, a director responsible for managing another part of the provider organisation or an employee who is not directly concerned with the running and conduct of the home in question.
The visitor is expected to interview some of the children, their parents/relatives and staff at the home, inspect the premises and prepare a written report.

Our inspectors are qualified, vetted and independent professionals from the field of Children’s Home Management and social care.

The inspectors will visit operating homes on a one off or monthly basis where they will measure practice in accordance to the standards set out in the National Minimum Standards for Children’s Homes 2012.

Once inspection is completed a detailed and comprehensive Reg 44 report is produced and forwarded directly to the responsible person in your organisation outlining recommendations. Our inspectors are there to both monitor performance and provide recommendations for service improvement, our inspectors will always offer guidance, acknowledgment and praise for good practice.


​Visits charged per visit with concessions for block bookings.

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