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“The aims and objectives were well presented illustrated and interactive. Practical involvement of all at every stage of Positive Handling of children and safety of pupils and adults involve.” Christina A Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

About Kingsley – “Confident, knowledgeable, accommodating, very informative and relevant to situations we face.” Anon Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“The training has given me the knowledge and skills to deal with situations in a more confident way.” Anon Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“Presenter and his colleagues were very informative and experienced. We were given a good content of knowledge that we had to put in to practice, and that was very useful and it will be very useful within the school environment, if such a situation arouses, we know what techniques to apply and where to start from. I’m feeling confident within the safeguarding now and I’m happy I had a chance to do this course.” O. Luobikyte Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“Good presentation, detailed information with good examples to support statements.” Henrietta Cole – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“Incredibly useful and informative. Given practical examples for future use. Presented very well. I now have increased confidence when dealing with conflict.” Matthew Kolseth – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“Excellent course. All presenters were very informative. Particularly enjoyed the practical side.” Kim J – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“The content was good as it helped to clarify some of the procedures that were unclear ei. Whether you could remove a child from the class if their behaviour was affecting the teacher’s ability to teach. Also, if I could restrain pupils in certain situations.” Devon Richards – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“The legal information was very useful – I learnt a lot that I didn’t previously know. It has personally given me more confidence in dealing with more sever challenging behaviours. I won’t worry about situations escalating as much.” Sarah Wayman – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“ Good advice on what to say and how to calm the child. Great techniques to use in the classroom.” Sarah S - Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“The presenter was very good and answered questions well. I found the whole course very good and thought the instructors were great. I think everything was explained well, with lots of examples.” Miss Phelps – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“Presenters are all really knowledgeable and helpful. Lots of content is relevant and revisited a lot for extra clarification. Lots to think about.” Jenny Washbrook – Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017

“I feel a lot more confident about how to defuse any situation and I found this course interesting and helpful. All the people running the course were really lovely.” Kim Mansfield Primary School Teacher 2/1/2017